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It is an organisation founded by Ideja Bajra to help more youth from across the UK and Balkans achieve STEM-related careers.

Absolutely! Anyone who is passionate enough about making change and/or
STEM education can be a part of the team. Check out our available roles here.

Based In Science is divided into 3 main teams; Events,
Outreach and Social media. Our Events Team plans and creates all the BIS events lead by Dorisa, the Outreach Team work on strategies to increase the spread of the organisation and the Social Media team works on everything to do with marketing the organisation across IG, FB and Linkedin, and showcasing our events.

Read more about teams and roles here.

The Founder noticed the discrepancies of STEM education between the country she was raised in, UK, and her home country, Kosovo, and realised that no other organisation was working towards changing that. After a successful mentoring scheme in August 2020, where 100 Kosovo students were matched with 100 UK PhD researchers, Ideja realised that even more was needed to help improve STEM education across Kosovo. That is where the idea of Based in Science was born.

A large portion of BIS is self-funded due to not being a registered non-profit yet. However, the Xheladin and Xhufe Morina Foundation has kindly donated money towards the creation of BIS clubs across primary schools in Kosovo.

BIS Clubs are after school STEM clubs organised by BIS across
20 primary schools in Kosovo. In partnership with headteachers, a Student Leader is elected who is supported by a science teacher, and weekly interactive STEM material is provided from our BIS Club Manager, Lisa Beqa. The clubs operate in primary schools / middle schools, so contact us if you wish to open one in your area!

Absolutely! BIS does not discriminate for gender or ethnicity, as we aim to spread a wave of change for STEM education improvement across the world! Email your idea to, and our amazing leaders will communicate with you.

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