Supporting students into STEM careers

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BIS Clubs

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BIS Clubs

BIS Club, Kosovo, 2022.

In order to fulfil our aims of supporting as many students into STEM careers as possible, we have begun the opening of BIS Clubs across primary schools in Kosovo. 

BIS Clubs are after-school STEM clubs organised by Based In Science. In partnership with headteachers, a Club President is elected (typically a passionate STEM student in Grade 8 or above), who is supported by Club Advisor (the school science teacher), and weekly interactive STEM material is provided by our BIS Club Manager, Lisa Beqa, based on a schedule. 

The primary focus of BIS Clubs is in primary schools in Kosovo, however, we are currently facilitating the opening of BIS Clubs in Poland, Albania and parts of the UK. 

Any student who gets involved in the BIS Clubs can improve their confidence, learning and understanding of STEM subjects, including astrophysics and chemistry. This will increase levels of attainment of the students, while also challenging their abilities to learn more about subjects not commonly explored in the curricula.

If you are interested in opening a BIS Club at your school, please drop Lisa Beqa an email at ! We look forward to working with you.


BIS Club, Kosovo, 2022.

STATIC Society

The St Andrews Technological & Innovation club was co-founded by two like-minded STEM students, Ideja Bajra and Tom Burton, who’s ambition is to enhance scientific communication, development and innovation across the university. Divided into four committees, we aim to explore and present innovation within the fields of  Natural Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. 

Our mission is to provide a platform for STEM students to publish their findings, designs and schemes in our semesterly scientific innovation review. We aim to collaborate with the future pioneers within the field of STEM, through hosting formal events, networking sessions, attending scientific innovation competitions and collaborating with existing scientific and political societies. Our ultimate goal is to provide members with the resources required to establish modern day solutions to real world problems, and publish these solutions in the form of innovative research and articles.

STATIC was developed as a subsection of BIS, in order to solidify our UK outreach strategy. Together with a committee of 21 students in St Andrews, The Scientific Innovation Journal will be published at the end of each semester in December and May. All committee members and innovative writers must submit one entry to the journal per semester, within their specialised field of STEM. The entry can take the form of an article, scientific research or a design and blueprint. 

Our goal is to stimulate the opening of STATIC societies across universities in the UK to strengthen the BIS outreach strategy, yet also spark scientific innovation in students. Drop us an email at in the event that you are interested in opening a STATIC society at your university.

STATIC Social, The Adamson, Scotland

Previous Events

Check out the work our incredible Events team have been up to for the past year!

In order to keep inspiring youth across the world, we create one major event each year, with multiple smaller STEM workshops, meet ups and seminars. Our team also collaborates with their individual universities to provide in person (always live streamed!) events to all.

Our events will remain free for all, and the location varies: UK, Albania, Kosovo, US, Germany, etc!
Drop our Events Director, Dorisa, an email at, if you have any brilliant ideas for events, or simply want to join our Events Team! We will be able to make anything happen with YOUR support!